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Radhika Reddy Law commonly known as “Reddy Law” although being a new Law Firm in Lautoka, Fiji. It is an affiliated body of Legal on London Law Firm based in Canberra & Sydney, Australia with years of experience in migration laws, property law, commercial law and criminal law.

Reddy Law provides their services together with experienced solicitors in many legal fields whether it is from Criminal Law, Family Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Conveyancing matters, Employment matters, Estate matters and Ors.

Our Firm represent change, quality and professionalism in the way we handle our clients and aim to giving out quality sound advice and maintaining confidentiality on all our matters.

Reddy Law consist of 3 robust, energetic and enthusiastic young solicitors and is guided by 2 experienced Senior solicitors both based in Australia with over 14 years of experience in Fiji and Australia respectively and working together to render quality legal services locally or internationally.

Reddy Law takes pride in bringing change with what service really means and teaming up with modern technology and the introduction of the legal software to deliver quality and accurate recording of legal work and Billings for Legal Work for the purpose of transparency and accountability to our clients.

We aim to deliver the most efficient and highest quality of legal service to the People of Fiji


Our Solicitors

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Radhika Reddy

Radhika Reddy

Principal Solicitor

Radhika Reddy is the Principal Solicitor, a senior legal practitioner and a celebrated businesswoman – both in Fiji and Australia.

Radhika Naidu

Radhika Naidu

Head of Litigation

Radhika specialises in Business and Commercial Law, Criminal Defence, Conveyancing and Family Law.

Uraia Koroi

Uraia Koroi

Criminal, Family & Civil Solicitor

Uraia’s areas of expertise are in Criminal Law, Family Law and Civil Law

Ranjini Pillay

Ranjini Pillay

Practice Manager

Ranjini Pillay is the Practice Manager for the firm and is a Chartered Accountant by profession.

Priya Darshana

Priya Darshana

Legal Assistant

Priya provides legal and administrative support to the lawyers and has extensive experience in customer care and management.

Dr Dean Sahu Khan

Dr Dean Sahu Khan

Consultant Solicitor

Dr Dean Sahu Khan specialises in Criminal Law and Commercial litigation

Marcus Hassall

Marcus Hassall

Consultant Barrister

Marcus is a consultant barrister to both our Australian company Legal on London and to our Reddy Law firm here in Fiji.

Samuela Lesikikadavu Lagilagi

Samuela is practising in all areas of law with the firm but he is keen to specialise in criminal, family and civil law.

What makes us qualified?

For the past years, our law firm has maintained a reputation for providing our clients with cost-effective legal services in an aggressive, professional, and honorable manner. Our law firm solicitors commonly resolve legal issues such as personal injury, auto accident, real estate, elder law, criminal, family law, child support, divorce, construction and more.


Criminal Defense 85%
Sexual Harassment 90%
Civil Litigation 70%
Commercial Rights Restoration 74%

Criminal defense is the beating heart
of our practice — put our experience and
energy to work for you!

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