About Radhika

Radhika heads our litigation team. She is one of Fiji’s most prominent and sought-after Solicitors.

Having joined the Bar in 2005, Radhika has been a prolific litigator since then. In her sixteen years as a Solicitor, she has argued cases at each level of the Fiji Court system and has appeared in almost every Court in Fiji.

Radhika also appears in various quasi-judicial tribunals. She has argued cases in the Employment Relations Tribunal (formerly known as the Arbitration Tribunal)  the Land Transport Appeals Tribunal, Tax Tribunal, Liquor Licensing Authority and the Agricultural Tribunal.

Radhika’s meticulous nature, ability to provide pragmatic solutions, star power and winner’s instinct, makes her a Solicitor of choice for many.

Aside from practice, Radhika is a proponent for human rights, empowerment of women and mentoring young Solicitors. She has served twice as the President of the Fiji Women Lawyers Association. She is a member of Transparency International Fiji and Fiji Young Lawyers Association.

Radhika also does pro bono work for human rights course’s and does volunteer work for a number of NGO’s.

Radhika has also worked for the United States’ Department of State under the American Bar Association Fellowship Program.

At heart, Radhika is an avid rugby and football fan. She follows the fortunes of the Canterbury Crusaders in rugby. In football, she used to follow Newcastle United but has moved on to Manchester United as a peace truce with her husband.

When she gets time, Radhika follows her passion for travelling and reading.


Radhika has a law degree and post-graduate legal practice qualification from the University of the South Pacific.


Radhika specialises in business and commercial law, criminal defence, conveyancing and family law.

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